Rebecca Jenkins

Helping multifamily professionals go from OVERWHELMED TO OUTPERFORMING!

About Me

Founder of Multifamily Training, Rebecca Jenkins is a national speaker for multifamily and other real estate educational events. She helps individual clients in their strategic direction and property management execution.

Rebecca excels in leading teams and assets from disorganization into a vibrant culture of personal growth and efficiency, she takes the time to understand pain points and find creative solutions that empower personal development that ultimately achieves wildly successful results.

In her personal life, Rebecca is a proud wife and mom to two beautiful girls. She loves to golf and hike in her home state of Arizona.

How May I Help You?



Are you looking for an operational expert that can help you avoid costly mistakes? Do you have a new product or service that you are trying to launch in the Multifamily space and need an insider to help you navigate?

Maybe you are a leader in the industry trying to pivot roles and expand your knowledge. Rebecca can serve as a coach and consultant in all these scenarios and more. Reach out today to set up a no pressure exploratory call.



Are you looking for a dynamic speaker with real experience? Rebecca has been in the trenches. Her workshops and speeches help connect the optimal operation practices with real life circumstances that all teams can relate to.

If your event attendees are looking for practical and immediate action items, they can start using the moment they get back to the office, please reach out to discuss available speaking packages and topics.

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