Does your company have, managers or leaders?

There once was a man who wanted to climb a remote mountain. At the base of the mountain, two guides were offered to the climber. One was named Manager, the other Leader. He asked what the differences between them were.

The guide named Manager replied. “I am very good at climbing so I hike to the top first. Then, I throw down a very long rope for you to tie around your waist and I will hoist you up the mountain. The journey goes at my pace, you have very little control. I get exhausted pulling you up so although you will go far, there are no guarantees you make it all the way to the top.”

Disheartened by the response, the man turned to the other guide. The guide name Leader replied, “I will walk with you. I will encourage you along the way and carefully guide you to the top. During difficult times, I connect us with a rope so that if you fall, I can bear the weight and ensure we safely navigate the terrain. We will get to the top and it will be beautiful, but there will also be several sights along the way that will bring you joy. By the end, you will have learned many skills and be able to help others take this journey.”

The man considered his two options and the decision was apparent, he selected the guide named Leader. The choice would take more time, energy, and effort but it was clearly the option with a higher rate of success.

Does your company have, managers or leaders? What type of guide are you?

Part of being an exceptional leader is to continually grow those around you, ensuring they are getting stronger and are being fulfilled in their role. We all have “manager” moments, but great leaders have a heart of service and support their team’s development knowing it will result in a stronger position to thrive as an organization.

Tony Dungy said it great, “The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better.”

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