Why You Should Absolutely Discriminate Against Your Leads

We all have a finite amount of time each day and as property managers we have to juggle about a hundred different things. One of which is lead follow up. Leasing and your leads are the life line to your community. They help you reach your occupancy goals, drive rental growth, and keep your financials healthy even when there is an unexpected cost. It is because of their importance that you should discriminate against the leads that rob you of your time.

Not all leads are created equal. For example, someone who has already taken the time to tour has a much higher probability of renting then the internet lead that came in at 2 am 3 days ago and hasn’t returned any of your emails. They didn’t even leave their phone number. Many multifamily sales professionals get overwhelmed by lead follow up because they have a few hectic days, get a little behind their system, and then sit down only to realize that they now have 300 follow ups to do and its already 4pm. Stop making yourself go crazy and start applying prioritization to your leads!

When a lead comes in, decide how “hot” of a lead it is. Were you able to talk to them directly? Do you know their needs? Are they looking to move in soon? Were they a walk in that toured? Did they give you positive buying signals? Answering yes to any of these questions means that they deserve to be prioritized before your ghost leads that are not responding. Please don’t misunderstand. Those leads still need follow up but an eblast might be more effective than individual personalized attention.

When you sit down to follow up on your sales leads, ask yourself which leads you think are the most likely to convert and do any of them have a pending deadline. An example of this would be if you were talking to an out of state lead and you promised to send them pictures of the actual home they are interested in by tomorrow. Don’t miss that deadline. By asking these simple questions and getting to your hottest leads first, you will close more deals and reduce your stress. Your prospects will feel well taken care of and know that you care. As other leads heat up and some leads fizzle out, you must reprioritize constantly. This is a skill and one that top salesman practice daily.

If you identify this as an area you need help with or have specific questions about how you can apply this to your selling while respecting your companies lead follow up requirements, I would be happy to help.